More and more people are choosing to work remotely, especially in the U.S. and Europe. This blog post was commissioned by Squads, a community of distributed teams providing development services. The purpose was to share best practices with current and potential customers. It was published on The Startup, a popular Medium publication. In addition to the article, I wrote the copy for an accompanying infographic. Read more.

Working remotely has its perks. No long commute to the office. Minimal distractions. The comfort of working from anywhere. If you’re a startup founder working with a remote team, you’ll find that hiring remote workers has its benefits as well. Read this blog post and learn to build trust when you work remotely.

Companies across industries are feeling the pinch of disruption. In the finance industry specifically, new regulations, tech giants, and promising FinTech players are forcing banks to rethink their traditional business model. What can other businesses learn from the way banking incumbents are responding to these changes? Find out in this article, written for the Squads blog.